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Please note: We remain open during these unusual times!

Not sure which decal, have a question?

Please send a photo / email us - we will superimpose / help out / superimpose the design!

Normal Opening Times

To all of your lovely customers. Please note: We will be closed from Wednesday 5th to the 14th August for a much needed main family camping trip.

All orders, enquiries, requests for designs to be superimposed will all be responded to when we are back.

Enjoy your holidays!

Normal Opening Times

Our normal opening times are Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Becuase we are a small family business with children we do normally close for half-term holidays. If so we will have messages on every page of our website, email responders and order confirmations to make this clear to you at every step of the browse and purchase journey.

During this period the website shop remains open and as soon as we are back we produce the orders and ship!

We have found this works quite well as a lot of our customers are also on holiday ;-).

Any questions please email us and we will help you.

If you do purchase during the period you will still receive your order details by email but with a message to advise we are away and when we will produce.

Custom Designs requests and superimosing of decals/colours

We help many of our customers decide which design and colour inclduing making changes to design to suit your taste and camper. It can be tricky to make the right choice withoout seeing the design first. When we are closed these emails go directly to our lead designer (Daniel) who actions them as soon as he returns.
NB: These go into a date prioritised list – oldest actioned first).

If you are in any doubt about colour, design or anything else please email us and we will help you.

Summer Opening Times

Summer Holidays 2020.

During the summer holidays we find that again most of our customers are away on lovely summer holidays and we are joining the club ;-).

As the summer season is normally quitening down during August period we also close down for some of this. (normally 2 – 3 weeks). We are always back in September – back to normal working hours.

We will always put a message on our store giving customers advanced warning so if they want decals before thier holidays they can simply order before we close.

Summer holidays August 2020.

This year we will be closed from Friday 31st July through to 28th August.

(This is longer than we normally have as a break but this year has been unusual to say the least. We havent closed for a break other than servicing since Christmas 2019).

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