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Not sure? - we can superimpose and customise! ;-)

Not sure? - we can superimpose and customise! ;-)

T4 Custom Decal Sticker

Customising Decals

Yes! We are specialists in VW’s but we also make Camper Decals for other makes too!

You are in good hands. We are highly trained and experienced in graphic design, so whatever your vision may be, such as adding or changing a graphic, requesting a custom colour (or multiple colours) or you have your own idea completely for a unique custom design, we can do it.

Whatever design you go for, your decals are laser cut with precision in the highest qaulity Vinyl and are hand finished to perfection! 2 tone decals are cut separately and combined by hand, which involves skill and time, the results are stunning.

Hulk Decal


For subtle amendments to existing designs, cost can be as little as £10 – £15, this includes an image of your decal superimposed onto a photograph of your vehicle so you can agree the design before we cut.

The more changes you want, the more time it takes but we are very proficient and do all we can to keep the time down.

Every decal has to be perfect – guaranteed – so we do not rush anything – :

Please note: Extra vinyl required is charged per metre as an additional cost. You can view our current colour range here (21 colours + 7 custom order colour/effects)

Yellow Green

Not sure which design? Send us an email

We understand it can sometimes be tricky to choose the right colour for your van. We are here to help and offer advice on colours at no charge. We can also superimpose a design onto your camper in various colours to help you choose. Seeing your van with your chosen design before you buy and fit really helps if you are unsure!

To request this for your camper please email a bright image of your van (from smart devices please email as “Large or “Actual” Size”) with the name of the design to be superimposed and which colour you think you would prefer to:


Not sure which design, send and image of your van to or browse our latest decals here

One Life Love It Sunset
Hulk Decal
Silver  Mountains
VW T4 Custom Decals
Daisy Bens
VW Graffitti Style
Star Decal  Custom
Scruffy George
James Crafter
Retro T6 Decal

Enquire about a custom decal below. Please note: We are not doing custom designs in August. Please see below.


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