20% Off Sale. Ends Monday 28th use code: BFDAY

20% Off Sale. Ends Monday 28th use code: BFDAY

We are open!

We want our customers to know that Beatnik are here to stay and will remain open throughout these highly unusual times. If this changes we will process all order before closing.

We have always used Royal Mail for all of our deliveries. At times like these, they are critical to supplying customers with much needed online deliveries and we know we can count of them. Post Offices have been names as an essential service and will remain open.

As the countries situation has changed we have also responded by taking some important contingency steps of our own. We pre-empted the governments advice by switching all of our design and production to a lovely large studio in our garden in early March, are are socially isolating ourselves because it is the right thing to do. We also took our children out of school early.

We are creative sprits so we will be hunkering down, creating new designs for Beatnik and fulfilling orders in a very clean environment. Our studio is more like a lab, the environment is kept impeccably clean and we follow all advice given by public health England for sterilising surfaces. When we have made our decals for you we also take additional measures where we wipe them with surgical grade wipes before packaging.

For peace of mind, all of our cardboard tubes will be shipped covered in very wide sellotape which you can also wipe before opening.

Finally we know that this period could potentially be stressful, but also people will have a lot of time on their hands and we want to help. If you want to start planning the makeover of your camper-van or are just unsure which smaller sticker to go for, please send a photograph of your van to images@bebeatnikdecals.com and will superimpose for you.

All the very best to you all.

Daniel & Katherine


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